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XFasten Waterproof Patch Seal Tape, Black, 4-Inch by 10-Foot

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The XFasten Black Shield Tape is a highly durable and industrial-grade repair tool that can be used to seal pipes and points at extremely high pressure and temperature. It boasts a rubber backing that resists abrasion and piercing as well as an adhesive that can adhere to any surface type.

The XFasten Waterproof Adhesive Tape is equipped with a reinforced rubber lining that conforms to the curves and the overall profile of the leaking surface—enabling AVERAGE AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS to achieve a PROFESSIONAL-GRADE repair and sealing on their most valued investments.

Why Choose The XFasten Black All Weather Repair Tape?

Designed to Take a Beating. This waterproof patch seal tape Black is rated to last up to 5 years after installation, enabling you to squeeze out much value given its price.

Quick and Easy to Install. Permanent adhesive allows for an instant and swift response repair- allowing you to repair tools quickly in any weather condition.

Repair Even on Submerged Surfaces. Adhesive will adhere even on submerged (oil and water) surfaces, allowing you to repair wet surfaces that may be underwater.

Profession Results for Beginners. Does not curl on its own, providing a clean, professional and neat look to your repairs.

Industrial-grade Adhesion. This Stop Leak Tape delivers a water-tight sealing on leaks may it be on pipes, gutters, cylinders, water tanks and other leak-prone surfaces.

Extreme Performance at A Fraction of the Cost. The XFasten Waterproof Gutter Repair Rubber Tape delivers a puncture-resistant and weather-resilient performance while being more affordable compared to other brands.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We Follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards that are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries.

  • Black seal repair tape that provides instant watertight sealing on all surface types. Simply slap on any leaks for a waterproof and weather-resilient repair!
  • Waterproof silicone-butyl adhesive enables this black shield patch tape to REPAIR SURFACES THAT ARE SUBMERGED IN WATER.
  • The tough rubber backing on this waterproof tape can be installed easily without mess, EMPOWERING the average American with LITTLE TO NO EXPERIENCE in home repair to fix pipes, boats, RV and roofing quickly with PROFESSIONAL-GRADE results!
  • Flexible rubber surface resists tears, heat and frost- making it a great OUTDOOR Stop Leak Tape even on extreme temperatures (-30F to 374F).
  • This swift response patch and seal leak tape can be applied to all weather types and on smooth or rough surfaces for long-term repairs.