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Make Light of Demanding Improvement Projects With the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape

Make Light of Demanding Improvement Projects With the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape

Walls are an integral part of the home and any establishment, and drilling holes can start any damage that allows cracks and chips to form. Mounting anything in your walls - cabinets, shelves, and art pieces- is often inevitable, especially in areas where space is at a premium. Utilizing your wall space is a space-efficient way of using every available spot in your home or office without making it look crowded. However, as stressed above, any invasive kind of mounting can be the beginning of any damage done to your walls. But what if there's an option that lets you mount accessories without the need to drill holes? With the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape, that's possible. 

acrylic mounting tape

This mounting tape features industrial-grade construction, allowing it to hold up to five pounds of weight, making it great for a multitude of applications. Not only that, but it also boasts top-notch durability so that it can withstand the calmness of indoor settings and harsh outdoor environments. With its weather-resistant construction, it preserves premium quality performance whether used for your various requirements or stored in your toolbox or along with your other crafting materials for future use. 

Aside from delivering superb adhesive performance, this heavy-duty removable mounting tape is easy to apply and remove. Thanks to its high initial bonding strength, you can rest assured that it sticks securely at the first contact with any space and removes cleanly without any residue once you have to take down your mounted accessories. The XFasten Mounting Tape offers the ultimate convenience compared to the mess and hard work required with drilling or hammering screws into your walls. 

To understand in profound detail the powerful qualities of the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape, we've collected the essential points for you.

acrylic mounting tape

  • Durability, Convenience, and More

Being able to hang anything on your wall without it falling off by the minute, taking out your toolbox for your screws, drill, and hammer, or employing a contractor almost seems too good to be true. Still, the XFasten Acrylic Tape provides precisely that. It sticks securely, holds moderately heavy objects, and leaves your walls clean and free of damage during application or removal. To understand it further, keep reading the points below. 

  • Weather-Resistant

Nails and screws that can more securely hang onto surfaces are undoubtedly sturdy options when it comes to mounting anything on your wall. Still, they can also rust and ultimately fall off over time, not to mention the damage, including holes and cracks it can leave in your walls, which you'll eventually have to pay mind to by puttying up holes and reinforcing cracks with cement and other material. On the other hand, the XFasten Acrylic Tape comes in a premium-quality construction that is tough against time and harsh conditions. Its premium design helps it withstand harmful UV rays, light splashes and downpours, and just about any destructive element you can frequently encounter in outdoor settings. Although home improvement projects using acrylic mounting tape are often unheard of, this tape makes the best choice, given its unbridled adhesive performance.    

acrylic mounting tape

  •     Convenient and Effortless Application

Unlike drilling your walls and dealing with dust and wood shavings after every mounting project, using strong acrylic tape can look exceedingly convenient and easy because, with this, you'll only need a pair of scissors and the materials you're planning to install. Its conformable design makes it effortless to morph into the shape you need and use in narrow spaces. Plus, even though it sticks securely, it does not leave any residue or damage paint upon removal, giving you peace of mind that your indoor and outdoor spaces stay in tip-top shape after your enhancement projects. It also resists curling, helping you hang items even without added assistance. Moreover, it applies easily on uneven surfaces, so you don't have to worry about using the wall space in your garage or garden shed. In addition, this tape resists yellowing, keeping your installations looking neat and clean despite coming on in years. 

  •     Works Indoors and Outdoors

As stressed above, this tape is UV and water-resistant, letting it stay strong under extreme heat and heavy downpours. With that in mind, its quality is deserving of your trust, especially considering how it's the perfect alternative for a non-intrusive way of fixing objects up your walls may they be inside or outside of your home. With this tape, you can spend less time cleaning after every project and more time on your other improvement tasks. 

  • Built to Last

Specially made to hold objects up to five pounds of weight per square inch of tape, the XFasten tape is perfect to use for hanging art, installing shelves, and other accessories may it be in your office, bathroom, or kitchen. Although it's removable, it is still highly dependable for holding up moderately heavy valuables. It's imperative to keep in mind that the more tape you use, the more you enhance its stability and durability. 

Why Trust XFasten?

Opting to use conventional methods and traditional materials for your home improvement projects will guarantee your creation's durability. Still, thanks to innovative technology, there are more convenient ways you can accomplish tasks at faster speeds. Not only is the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape durable, but it's also ISO certified. This tape can cover most of your repair and decorating needs since every roll comes with the highest quality standards, ensuring that your projects last long, despite it being effortless to apply, and that you pay for your money's worth. Below are features you can focus on to further appreciate its performance.

  •     ISO 9001 Accredited 

Manufactured with maximum durability and superb quality, the XFasten Tape adheres to international standards, giving you the guarantee that the exact amount of quality goes into every roll of tape. With this promise of premium quality construction, you can readily accomplish DIY improvement projects around your home, in your office, and in your outdoor areas without the strenuous challenge often coupled with yard work. 

What Types of Surfaces Can You Use It For?

acrylic mounting tape

With a five-pound weight capacity, this tape can hold anything that's within the weight limit. Whether it is mirrors, paintings, picture frames, or other items, as long as you reinforce it with more adhesive strips, you can keep objects mounted no matter how long you plan to. In particular, here are some materials you can use it for:

  • Works on Solid Surfaces

Albeit it sticks securely to most surfaces, here are the most frequent materials ideal to use the tape for to give you an example. You can use it on wooden surfaces and finishes, stone and marble tiles, brick, concrete, and cement, plus metal and plastic. 

  • Perfect for Soft Surfaces

The XFasten tape isn't only exclusive to hard surfaces. It also applies well on soft surfaces, such as fabrics, including nylon, cloth, leather, and carpet. With a plethora of suitable exterior planes you can use it on, this tape is perfect for home decoration, art projects, and repairs.

Begin Your Projects With the XFasten Acrylic Tape Today!

No matter how big or small your project is, or whether you need it for your indoor or outdoor areas, it's crucial to choose the best materials, more importantly when you're improving your home. With a mounting tape that won't damage walls, committing to permanent or temporary installations won't be a problem. Furthermore, by selecting a material that is ISO accredited, you can relax with the fact that your projects can withstand the test of time, as well as harsh conditions, especially if you're planning to use it in your outdoor areas. With long-lasting quality, unmatched adhesive performance, and easy-to-use features, you no longer have to call contractors for extra help or unearth your tools from your garage.  

Accomplish light and heavy projects with ease with the XFasten Acrylic Mounting Tape today!

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