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Safety Tapes 101: What are they and how to use it

Safety Tapes 101: What are they and how to use it

If you’re a beginner in roadworks, an engineering student, home improvement, or repairing industry, you’ll most like to google this question “What is safety tape used for?” or “where do I exactly use these tapes”, or “how do these tapes usually work?”

safety tape

First of all, let’s define safety tapes. One of the most famous safety tapes are the reflective tapes - highly visible tapes used in construction or ongoing project conditions. These safety warning tapes are uses to warn people of a hazardous area or to mark an area’s perimeter. Reflective tapes, to be specific rely on light reflection to show up in the dark while warning others of potential danger.

When it comes to safety tapes, there are many sizes, colors, and reflective styles available depending on the situation. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of information about safety tapes, how to use them, and safety tips on how to use them. Read along!

Types of Safety Tapes

If you think that safety tapes ends on reflective tapes only, then you guessed wrong. We’re laid here the types of safety tapes you can buy online for your repair needs. Choosing the safety tapes, you’re certain that you’re safe at home, at the office, or business every time.

Carpet Tape

I bet most of you who are reading this blog have carpets at home. Carpets are so beneficial especially if you have a slippery floor. This helps protect your kids and dogs from slipping around the house. Did you also know that when furniture stays in one position for a long time, it leaves permanent markings on the floor? And we don’t want that.

safety tape

But how do you keep your carpet and rugs steady? Easy. Carpet tapes.
Carpet tape is a perfect example of safety tape. From the word itself, it keeps your carpet stays in place, and protects you and your loved ones from slipping and unsteadiness. You can try getting yourself a carpet tape from XFasten. Unlike other brands, the XFasten mat tape can be easily removes by the hand, and does not leave hard-to-knockoff residues, even after a long term use. Most importantly, it features high tensile strength and aggressive adhesion secures carpets, rugs and mats in place. There is a range of roll sizes available suitable for all needs.

However, if you need twice the adhesiveness, XFasten also offers an extra sticky carpet tape perfect for woodworking and industrial applications. This type of tape also has many advantages from shielding your furniture from pet scratches, attaching curtains, and displaying decors at home – as this tape also works on different surfaces such as tiles, marble, vinyl and any other indoor smooth surfaces.

Anti-Slip Tape

Do you have a child and elderly at home that needed extra protection when walking on slippery areas? Carpet may not be available in your garage and porch, but there are better options to keep you loved ones safe – by using an anti-slip tape.

safety tape

This type of safety tapes can also be used on benches, concert venues, stairs, ladders, ramps, and basically everywhere. You may not notice them all the time, but these anti-slip tapes save lives. One of the best anti-slip tapes you can check out is the XFasten Anti Slip Grip Tape. It’s designed with a hypo-allergenic 80-grit mineral abrasive compound so users are protected against slips and falls. The XFasten anti-slip tape also has excellent resistance to water and other chemicals, allowing for high initial bonding strength. It also does not matter if you’re putting this on a temporary or longer time, this brand is easy to install and does not leave any residue on delicate surfaces.

Glow in the Dark Tape

We may have this memory of our room embellished with these glow-in-the-dark stars and moon, but now that we’re older, we’ll very much appreciate this glow-in-the-dark tape especially if we’re working on dark lit areas.

Glow-in-the-dark or photo-luminescent tape enhances the safety of your workplace by glowing for several hours after the lights are turned off. They are most commonly used in warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and even on emergency equipment. This can also be used as a sign for evacuation routes – be it on as wall marking, door marks, or floor marking shapes below.

safety tape

The XFasten Glow-in-the-Dark Yellow/Green Tape is the perfect buy if you’re looking for this type of safety tape. This tape is rated at seven years operating lifespan, weatherproof, flexible, and conformable to any shape. It can be arranged in any fashion, pattern, design, and shape -- making it a great decorative tape at home. It can glow in the dark for up to 12 hours with only 20-30 minutes of exposure to ambient lighting systems.

Another great thing about the yellow/green tape is that it’s made from hypoallergenic materials, making it generally safe for you and your family.

Furniture Gripping Pads

Another example of safety tapes is the furniture gripping pads. If you have newly repaired tiles and you don’t want any dent, discoloration, scratch from your furniture or floor, then you need a furniture gripping pads.

safety tape
This gripping pads is also known as felt protector pads that are small round or square in shape. While other prefer a slip-on floor protectors for chairs, this pad is flexible to fit in any type of furniture you have. This product is anti-scratch, and acts as a cushion between the object and your floor. Gripping pads are best used on furniture or objects that frequently move.  It can be from a sofa chair, recliners, toys, displays, footstools or coffee tables.

For the best brand, try the XFasten Furniture Gripper Pads. It offers top-notch adhesive which means that it will damage your furniture nor will it leave any sticky residue. Aside from keeping your furniture in place, they’re shock absorbent and sagging resistant felt core on the anti-slip furniture gripper protects your furniture from impact for years. Be it your kids, pets, or heavy activities that require a lot of movement, you can expect your furniture and beds to never budge unnecessarily out of position! Plus! Optimal thickness keeps it from being too bulky or thick for your furniture.

Review on the site: “I purchased these to place under my daughter’s table and chair. Eventually I used them in other items as well. They are of good material and they stayed on after placing it under the legs of the table and chairs. They reduce the fornitura from sliding and they help protect the floor.”
Other tips to keep your floors with zero scratches

For most of you who are reading this article, know that floors can’t keep its perfect state for a long time. If you have a bamboo for example, and you want to keep them free from dents and scratches, here are some tips you can apply:

  1. Use a rug pad.
Before you place your precious carpet, try putting a rug pad underneath using a carpet tape to keep them in place. This will serve as an extra protection as well so you won’t easily slip.
  1. Sweep your floor regularly
This may sound cliché, but cleaning your floors regularly can maintain your floor, whether it’s made from bamboo or not. You’ll also save yourself from slipping from water drops and such. If you’ve spilled a wine or any juice, swipe them immediately for easy cleaning. If you’re using a gripping pads, sweeping the floors would help prevent the pads to collect dirt, stray hairs, and other debris.
  1. Don’t walk on your stiletto hills
This would be applied best if you have a bamboo floor. Try wearing cotton slippers instead to prevent scratches. You can also put a small rug or a door mat near the door where you can wear your stiletto.
  1. Lift your furniture when cleaning
Always lift furniture or heavy objects when moving them around. We don’t want to leave stubborn mark on the floor, don’t we?
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