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How to Train Your Pets to Stop Scratching with a Cat Training Tape - XFasten

How to Train Your Pets to Stop Scratching with a Cat Training Tape

Training your pets to stop scratching sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? But luckily, it shouldn’t have to be that way anymore. With a tool like the Cat Training Tape, training is now made easier. 

Officially, for self-confessed fur-parents, the Cat Training Tape is the coolest thing since sliced bread. 

If you find yourself bobbing your head up and down to this, then congratulations! You’ve finally discovered the wonders of this humble tape. 

But to those of you who are entirely new to the journey of being a fur-parent, then you might be wondering what a Cat Training Tape is. 

Did we already intrigue you? Go ahead, read on to find out more. 


But first things first, let’s talk about why cats love to scratch. No, it isn’t because they want to infuriate you. And no, it isn’t because they want your 24/7, undivided attention (although we give it to them, no questions asked!). 

There are a variety of reasons why cats scratch: to release stress, to mark their territory, to keep their nails in tiptop shape, and to stretch out the muscles in their shoulders.

If you think that you can stop them from scratching, you can’t. Cats scratch because it’s innate in their system.

The goal here is to manage this behavior in the safest and the least destructive way possible. Punishing your cats for their natural desire to scratch does not only angers them, but it also results in your feline friend becoming more destructive. 

Remember that every training starts with patience. Always reinforce good behavior with rewards. 


A Cat Training Tape is a tape that you stick on your couches, bed posts, chairs, and other surfaces that you want to protect from scratches. 

The reason why it’s such an effective deterrent tool is that the sticky feeling of the tape repels cats. This eventually helps them to develop a habit of not scratching where they shouldn’t be. 

While a double-sided tape might seem like a great alternative, it could leave unwanted residues on gentle surface finishes. 

Plus, it also contains potentially hazardous chemicals and toxins that could possibly harm you and your pets in the long run. 

You would want a tape that’s specifically calibrated to make scratching your furniture an unappealing idea to your cats. This is where the Cat Training Tape does its job - and it does it amazingly well. 

A good way to start utilizing this tape in your training method is to place your cat’s post next to the furniture that he’s been scratching. 

If you noticed that your cat has been routinely scratching the post instead of the furniture, gradually move it until it’s already placed in your desired permanent location. 

Take note that the post must be in an area where it’s highly visible and accessible to your cat. If he ignores the furniture and goes straight to the post, it’s definitely a good sign that your training method is working. 


There are a plethora of choices on the market these days. However, not all of them possess the qualities of what makes a Cat Training Tape good. 

A good Cat Training Tape must be strong enough to withstand several scratches yet gentle enough to be removed without any residues. 

Another must is to choose a Cat Training Tape that’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic to both humans and animals. 

Of course, safety is always a top priority - especially if it has something to do with your pets and loved ones. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far and wide. The XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape delivers the perfect balance between quality and aesthetics. 

Its non-toxic and pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive contains a hypoallergenic clear film that’s guaranteed to be 100% safe. 

The clear surface finish of this tape also blends perfectly to your furniture’s color and is also compatible with delicate wood surfaces, leather, suede, and other beautiful types of finish. 

Now, having a roll of this tape makes it a win-win situation. You can finally live harmoniously with your pets while getting to enjoy the furniture you love! 


Installing a Cat Training Tape is relatively easy and will not take too much of your time. Here are the steps to ensure a smooth and fuss-free application: 

  • Identify the surface which is often scratched by your cat. Make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt as oils from your hands can lessen the adhesive power over time. 
  • Clean the surface thoroughly and make sure it is dry to increase the initial bonding strength of the adhesive.
  • Cut some strips of the Cat Training Tape and apply it to the desired area. It would be best to apply more than one layer of tape on the area to increase the tape’s overall strength. 
  • To increase the tape’s holding strength, start by pressing the tape and applying enough force to the surface using a roller, rubber hammer, wine bottle, or any cylindrical canister.
  • Peel off the adhesive liner. 
  • If one strip falls off after multiple scratches, you can easily replace it with another strip. 


What do you think about the Cat Training Tape? Do you agree that it’s a great tool to train your pets to stop scratching? We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave us your comments down below! 

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