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Wonders of Adhesion: Crafting DIY Projects With the Help of Double-sided Tape

Wonders of Adhesion: Crafting DIY Projects With the Help of Double-sided Tape

With arts and crafts, the durability of materials used is imperative. Although style contributes a significant factor to the finishing touches of your handicrafts, it can all be for nothing if you can't use or appreciate the items you have crafted for a long time. Creativity and deft hands are catalysts to long-lasting crafts, but the brands also play prominent roles in their longevity. To guarantee that your DIY projects can withstand the test of time, you'll have to use the most enduring materials available in the market.

double sided tape

Even though it's essential to take your time in accomplishing exceptionally complex projects, you need to choose tools that work well and ones that you can conveniently use, so you can quickly move on to other tasks. One sorely reliable material you can work with is the XFasten Extra-Sticky Double-Sided Tape.

Double-sided tapes are currently the best non-invasive crafting and home improvement tool you can find on the shelves. Besides being exceptionally convenient, it also adheres neatly and peels off without stubborn stains, keeping your crafts looking neat. Moreover, this tape variant is also helpful to plenty of crafting projects, repairs, and improvements tasks, with some listed below.

Gives Your House Décor a Seamless Look

Carpets do more than give your home décor texture and pattern or keep your feet warm during winter months; it also helps define space, letting small rooms have boundaries without the walls and added furniture. Using soft materials to enhance your home aesthetic can be challenging since it's prone to movement, urging you to sign up for the unending job of straightening it now and then.

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

However, by tacking strips of double-sided tape on the underside of your carpet, you can keep it securely in place. Similarly, using this trick to cover gaps in your home can further improve your interior design. 

Perfect for Permanent and Temporary Fixtures

Double-sided tapes like XFasten can also adhere to various surfaces, allowing you to try different mediums for your DIYs. For instance, it works well on metals, plastics, stone surfaces, and fabrics, making it perfect for permanent and temporary fixtures.

This double-sided tape also leaves no residue, so you can continuously mount and unmount fixtures and art displays without worrying about staining your walls.  

Use It Indoors and Outdoors

double sided tape

With durability combined with moisture, UV, and humidity-resistant properties, the XFasten double tape remains tough even against extreme weather conditions.

You can showcase your crafts or do repairs even in your outdoor area, thanks to its weather-resistant feature. To get the ball rolling, here are some projects you can work on using double-sided tape.

  • Enhance Your Outdoor Workstation

Working in an open area can make you feel more at ease than staying cooped up in a dark and cramped shed. Double-sided tapes boast powerful strength and adhesion, giving you a dependable material that you can apply on various items.

By building an outdoor workstation using metal or wood pieces and assembling them into a permanent or makeshift desk, you can have all the space you need for other projects, even at a whim.  

  • Display Your Memories

Giving life to your home includes personalization, which you can do by hanging up valuable captured memories featuring you and your loved ones going through different milestones. With your tabletops occupied, then you have no choice but to use your walls. Vast wall space is what you need for this project, but it comes with a single drawback.

Using your walls to display your photographs means you need to drill holes in them. However, there's another non-invasive solution. Double-sided tapes with strong adhesion can hold up frames without leaving residue or the need for screws, giving you the freedom of rearranging photos whenever you want to. 

  • Showcase Your Art

As with photographs, art, mainly print, paintings, and others that come in frames, also commonly require drilling holes for mounting, but with the help of double-sided tape, all you need is a pair of scissors and space where you want to place your décor.

Art can also take form in other materials, like cloth, metal, glass, and stone, which you usually wouldn't hang up using tape. Still, with the strength possessed by the XFasten Double-Sided Tape, you can depend on unbridled durability.  

Try Other Mediums

With its ability to cater to other mediums, double-sided tapes can help enhance your creativity and expression by allowing you to try other crafting avenues. With the perfect set of skills and the right materials suitable for double-sided tape, there's no limit to the art you can do. To give you some ideas, below are unique and enjoyable projects you can try.

  • Create a Shelf in a Jiffy

Shelves are helpful no matter which part of the home you place them in. Not only can this piece of furniture keep your belongings organized, but it also allows you to spot the items you're looking for easily, so you no longer have to rifle through various materials and clean up afterward.

Shelves must be sturdy to support the things you're planning to place them in, and with a high-strength double-sided tape, you can construct one and have it done within minutes. 

  • Build a Terrarium

Terrariums exude an enchanting charm, which lets you appreciate a tiny world that you have created. The materials you need to create a terrarium are cost-effective and spotted in your garden. Rocks, moss, soil, and plants are the primary things you would need, but a plastic or glass container is the most important item you ought to have.

If you don't have a container readily available, you can make one using glass or plastic panels and attach them using double-sided tape. This kind of tape is slim despite delivering strong adhesion and high strength, providing you with the perfect agent to assemble your tiny world. 

  • Garments for Your Furniture

Furniture, specifically your seats, is probably the hardest one to clean within a home. Of course, you can use your vacuum to take out dust and debris, but that can't thoroughly clean your furniture. Rather than cleaning its surface without the guarantee of removing all dirt, you can instead sew seat and sofa covers and reinforce them with double-sided tape.

Crafting them with an easy-to-remove design will let you effortlessly put them in the laundry for your subsequent clean-ups. Seat covers can also add color and style to your home when you choose a cloth that has beautiful shades and patterns.  

  • Quick Fix for Your Clothes

If the crafting project you're interested in falls into the sartorial department, then the double-sided tape can also be at your service. Especially helpful for prototypes, a strip of double-sided tape can keep you from using pinheads and safety pins and let you make quick and easy adjustments with the clothes you're tailoring.

The double-sided tape is also excellent for repairs you need to accomplish in haste during a wardrobe malfunction, making it a great addition to your purse and sewing kit. 

Ideal for Longevity

Double-sided tapes come crafted with durability in mind, offering more than just adhesion for your art projects. Aside from withstanding harsh weather conditions, this tape also lends some of its robustness to the things you need fixing.

For instance, to prevent soft surfaces from fraying and running, you can fold the edges using double-sided tape and give it a more seamless look. It's also an excellent way of safeguarding your furniture from your pets by giving it a scratch-resistant layer of protection.

Start Your Projects!

To a crafter, materials are like a lifeline. Although resourcefulness is essential, having the things you need within reach gives you ample opportunities to better your crafts. However, it would be best to consider your materials' durability and effectiveness to enhance the quality of your projects and allow them to beautify various spaces for a long time. 

Note: Do not apply tape if the glass has UV coating.


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