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Uses for Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape That You Didn't Know About

Uses for Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape That You Didn't Know About

It goes by many different names: Hook & Loop Fasteners, Touch Fasteners, Hook & Pile Fasteners… whatever you like to call this versatile tape, we can all agree on one thing: it’s an extremely useful adhesive that doesn’t require any rocket science to utilize.

In this article, we’re going to have an in-depth look at the Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape, its uses, and how to apply it properly. But first, here’s some History 101 on how this tape came to fruition. 


George De Mestral, Inventor of the Hook and Loop Tape


The year was 1941. A Swiss engineer named George de Mestral returned from a hunting trip with his dog in the Alps. As he looked at the burs of burdock that stubbornly clung on to his clothes and his dog’s fur, it began to pique his interest and decided to examine them under a microscope.

He noted the hundreds of “hooks” that caught on anything with a loop. A Eureka moment came to him when he realized that he could bind two materials reversibly in a simple fashion. Thus, the tape that we now know as the “Hook  & Loop Tape” was born. 



Without a doubt, the Hook and Loop Tape was such a cutting-edge invention that even after 80 years, we still find a ton of uses for it whether it’s for our homes or workplaces. 

But a Hook and Loop Tape is more than just for fastening. Here are some application ideas: 


  • Cord wraps: Given that we spend a lot of time in front of our computers to get work done, it’s an absolute must that we want to keep our workstation as organized and tidy as possible. To keep your computer cords from getting tangled, use a strip of Hook and Loop Tape to wrap them. It’s a perfect alternative for cable organizers.

  • Keep your wrapping papers organized: Do you have a stash of pretty wrapping papers in your drawer and you find it’s hard to keep them pristine? While it can be easily solved by storing the wrapping papers in an envelope or folder, sometimes, we need that extra level of protection to keep them from crumpling and tearing. Cutting a few small strips of the Hook and Loop Tape and attaching them to the end of your wrapping paper will do the trick. 

  • Mount objects on walls: If you’re working on a project in a specific corner of your home, you want to be as efficient as possible in order to save time and effort. Mounting all the tools that you need on your wall using a strip of the Hook and Loop Tape ensures that everything you need is within reach. Plus, it’s also removable and repositionable - meaning that you can change its position as long as you want and as many times as you want.

  • Keep the dog bowl in place: For rowdy dogs who keep on tipping the bowl and spilling food and water on the floor, simply attach a few strips of the Hook and Loop Tape on the desired area to keep it in place. This is also ideal if you want to prevent the bowl from moving when they drink or eat.

  • Secure table cloths: Table cloths come in all different sizes and designs. And we buy them because they make our dining tables look more pleasing to the eyes. But there are times when the table cloth just won’t stay in place. A Hook and Loop Tape is the perfect solution to keep it from curling or moving. As its surface-safe, it won’t damage your hardwood tables or other delicate surfaces. 

  • Emergency clothing repairs: You’re feeling pretty confident about your outfit until your purse breaks or the hem of your clothing doesn't just feel right. We don’t want to let any fashion faux pas ruin our day, do we? A Hook and Loop Tape can keep your purse open in case the zipper breaks. You can also use it to adjust the hems on your pants without any need for sewing or even to shorten the sleeves on your shirts until it’s the right fit. 

  • Bottle opener storage: After the end of a long working day or if you simply just want to kickback and relax, nothing beats a bottle of an ice-cold beer. Keep a bottle opener in handy by attaching it to a strip of a Hook and Loop Tape. No more rummaging in your drawers for one! 

  • Put up seasonal decors: Whether it’s for the holidays or birthday parties, putting up decors can definitely add a festive vibe to any occasion. A Hook and Loop Tape can help you mount decorative pieces on your walls, windows, or even doors so you can easily change them up or remove them depending on the season. 

    Using a self-adhesive hook and loop tape is fairly simple and easy. However, it still needs to be installed properly to make sure that it will adhere well for your intended purposes. 

    Here’s a step by step guide on how to install a hook and loop tape: 

  • Important tip: Make sure that both cloth/leather/nylon or any surface are clean, dust-free, and dry before application.
    1. Cut a strip and slowly apply both hook and loop tapes on each surface. Make sure not to touch the adhesive side too much as the oil and moisture from your hand can lessen the adhesive power of the tape.
    2. Apply pressure to both surfaces with your fingers. This process will ensure the stability and bonding strength of the hook and loop strips.
    3. Try to test and adhere both surfaces with the now installed hook and loop tape. Try unfastening and then fastening the surfaces back again to verify the tape’s strength. 
    4. The Hook and Loop Tape will reliably hold both surfaces whenever you bond them together. You can also easily unfasten them as well if needed.


    If you’re looking for a reliable, heavy-duty hook and loop tape, then look no further than the XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape. Here are the reasons why it’s worth considering our hook and loop tapes: 


    • The water-resistant adhesive of the XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape adheres to almost any surface like textile, concrete, porcelain, plastic, and wood. 


    • It can also be sewn to clothing materials for structural rigidity. 


    • The XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape boasts a double-sided adhesive with an industrial-grade adhesion. 


    • Residue-free and will not damage surface finishes upon removal. 


    • Contains more micro hooks and loops per square inch of adhesive strip. It empowers the average home or business owner to professionally mount heavier objects that normal mounting tapes can’t. 


    • There is also no question of durability as the XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape is abrasion, rot, and wear-resistant that allows you to repeatedly attach and detach objects without the fear of it breaking down. 


    The XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape is available in both black and white and in different size variants so you can choose the right fit for your needs. You can get them here on our website through this link or you can also get them on Amazon here




    Interested to get to know more about the XFasten Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape? You can contact us directly at


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