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What is a Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape and Why Do You Need It?

What is a Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape and Why Do You Need It?

Most of us are already familiar with duct tape, double sided tape, and mounting tapes. These kinds of adhesive tapes are valuable especially when you’re looking to do at-home repairs or other projects in a snap. 

But have you ever heard of Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape? As you’re reading this, you’re probably scratching your head and wondering what it is.

Look no further for answers as we’re going to tell you what this tape is all about and the reasons why you need to have it in your stash stat. 

What is a Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape?

At first glance, Nano Adhesive Tapes may bear some resemblance to Acrylic Mounting Tapes (which are super useful especially when you’re looking to mount objects on your wall without using screws, bolts, and nails), but it’s more than that.

A Nano Adhesive Tape is a double-sided, transparent traceless tape that can be used for different kinds of purposes such as mounting, securing, or even organizing.

What makes this tape unique is that it is washable and reusable without losing its adhering properties. In fact, washing it just makes it stronger!


Uses of Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape

As this humble, little tape has a ton of functions, here are some tips on how you can get the most of out of your roll of a reusable Nano Adhesive Tape: 


  • Organize your stuff. If you’re looking to organize your remote controls and other electronic devices in a more accessible corner of your room, simply cut a strip of the Nano Adhesive Tape. This method of organizing your stuff is also ideal if you have a limited space at home but you still want to keep things neat and tidy as you’re taking advantage of your vertical space. Since the Nano Adhesive Tape is transparent, you won’t even notice that it’s there - especially if your walls are painted with a light, neutral color. 


  • Mount objects on your walls. While a clear double-sided tape or Acrylic Mounting Tape can do the job of mounting objects on your walls, sometimes, it’s better to use a much more ideal adhesive that’s not only traceless but waterproof as well. Since the Nano Adhesive Tape is waterproof, it’s the perfect choice for bathrooms and other areas around your home where the humidity is much more prominent. Use it to hang mount your bathroom caddies, artworks, or even your toothbrushes! 


  • Stop your furniture from moving. It can sometimes be a total pain to keep your furniture from moving. Not only does it scratch your surfaces, but it’s also annoying! A Nano Adhesive Tape can also double as a furniture gripper. Simply cut small pieces of the tape and stick it under your furniture. Voila! Problem solved.


  • Attach decorations on your car dashboard. Given the amount of time we spend in our vehicles, it’s only appropriate that we jazz it up a little so we can cheer up a bit especially when we’re stuck in traffic (urgh, a bummer, we know). Besides installing car seat covers in designs that speak to your personality, it’s also a good idea to put a little something on our car dashboards. May it be your lucky charm or a really cute piece of decor that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day, use a small strip of Nano Adhesive Tape to keep that decor in place. 


  • DIY charging station. Most of us heavily rely on our laptops, tablets, and phones to get some work done or to be entertained. But we also know that our precious devices can run out of juice at a very bad time! Consider setting up your DIY charging station in an accessible area around your home. With the help of the Nano Adhesive Tape, you can simply mount or place your sockets on a surface where it’s easier to juice up your devices. 


How to Install a Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape

While it’s very easy to install a Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape, a lot of things can go wrong such as the tape not adhering properly to the surface or the tape losing its adhering power after quite some time.

To make sure that your Nano Adhesive Tape will perform really well for its purposes, here are some tips that could help you out:


    1. Clean both surfaces where you would be installing the Nano Adhesive Tape. Lint, dirt, and dust can significantly lessen the bonding strength of adhesives.
    2. Peel the tape from the roll. Do not cut a strip first.
    3. Apply the tape on the surface with the other end of the tape still spooled on the roll.
    4. Cut the tape, making sure that you apply tension on the strip by partially pulling the roll. The tension will make it easier to cut. 
  • Important: Remove the adhesive liner. To separate the adhesive liner easily, you can use any flat tipped object like a card, knife’s edge or your fingernail to create an initial gap between the liner and the tape.
  • Apply more strips by repeating steps 2-5.

  • Cleaning and Repositioning

    A Nano Adhesive Tape is reusable, repositionable, and you can clean it easily.

    To reuse the tape, simply wash it under running water. Remove any dirt, dust, and grime that has accumulated over time. When reapplying, do not touch the adhesive side too much as oils from our hands can reduce the adhesive strength. 

    Improving Bonding Strength

    Here are some tips on how to improve the bonding strength of your Nano Adhesive Tape:


    1. You can increase the bonding strength of the reusable Nano Adhesive Tape by pressing it towards the surface. Make sure to press it firmly through your hands or palm. Squeegee any air bubbles or gaps that may exist between the surface and the tape.
    2. If you have a hair dryer or a heat gun, you can also heat the adhesive using warm air exhaust. Heating the adhesive upon installation will temper it and further increase the adhesive’s strength.
    3. Increasing the surface area of application by applying more strips on the object that is to be mounted will also increase the weight holding capacity. 


    What Is The Best Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape?

    If you’re in the market for the best reusable Nano Adhesive Tape, you can’t go wrong with XFasten Double-Sided Nano Tape. It’s available in different size variants. You can check them out here and here.

    It is powerful just like a heavy-duty permanent glue, yet it can be removed easily without damaging the surface nor it will lift off the paint or leave any sticky residues upon removal. 

    And not only that, the XFasten Double-Sided Nano Tape can easily withstand UV rays, hot temperatures under direct sunlight, cold drafts, and heavy downpour of rainwater. This tape is also rated to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.



    Interested to experience the magic of Reusable Nano Adhesive Tape for yourself? Try the XFasten Double-Sided Nano Tape. 

    For inquiries, you may contact us anytime by sending us an email at: 

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    Jacki Edwards - August 16, 2023

    Can you use sumo tape to shorten curtains?

    Srabonbappy - October 13, 2022

    Adhesive Tape is a popular product for any type of craft and DIY project but there have some issues like sometime’s it’s not removed properly or a used item will be damaged when we try to remove it.
    Do you have any type of solution?

    F6 Adhesive Tape - October 13, 2022

    Hey! It was quite fascinating to learn that link text</adhesive tapes> are water-resistant and contain no toxic whatsoever. My workmate is in the middle of decorating our office since Christmas is coming soon and she needs some materials to ease her task. Maybe I should pass this article on to her so she’ll make some worthy purchases in the end.

    Mary - August 9, 2022

    Have attached an item to a wooden surface with your nano double sided tape. I am unable to detach the item from the wooden surface. Would you have any ideas/suggestions as to how I would seperate the item from the wooden surface? Please advise.

    Amy Saunders - June 10, 2022

    Ooh.. this seems quite interesting. Never would I’ve ever imagined that Nano adhesive tapes can help us make things in a busy area even more organized and bearable. I’m so gonna remind my sister to consider this item during her next purchase some time soon. As her kitchen is being demolished and rebuilt at the moment, it’s important for her to keep unnecessary objects away from the space.

    Tanya Madden - March 24, 2022

    I bought 6 rolls to put up plastic window coverings. How to I roll up the tape for reuse again?

    Annette Helman - November 19, 2021

    How do you remove your item from the tape… such as a picture frame ? You show people pulling on the frame with force and it does’t budge.

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