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Copy of XFasten Cable Cord Management Organizer, Black



The XFasten Cable Cord Management Organizer is a grippy cable organizer that is designed to hold 3 USB cables on desktops, workstation, and bedside tables. It sports an industrial-grade weight-bearing capacity of up to 10 pounds, allowing the user to mount it on any orientation- even on the side or back of desks for an extra-clean and space-saving set-up. Thanks to its Silicone-body construction, you can also install it on curved surfaces such as rounded tables and work stations.

The issue with other cable cord management organizers is that through time, many will accumulate dust, dirt and even oils and grime. While unnoticeable at first, this is the reason why clips fail over time, and cables tend to slip and dislodge from the slots. The XFasten Cable Wire Organizer Clip has an oleophobic and dust-resistant surface which allows it to maintain a firm grip even after several years from installation.

Why Should You Choose The XFasten Cable Cord Management Clip Organizer?

Flexible and Extra-Strong. Thanks to its silicone-body construction, the XFasten desktop cord organizer can be installed on curved surfaces. It also has a high weight-bearing capacity, allowing you to mount it on the side of tables.

Extra-Grippy Oleophobic Surface. It repels oils and moisture, enabling it to grip wires and USB cables well, eliminating the annoying cable slipping and dislodging on the organizer slots.

Stable yet Residue-free Adhesive. Its silicone-based adhesive is laboratory-tested to be residue-free, surface-safe, and mess-free. It can be removed without any fear of surface-finish damage or sticky residue upon removal.

Why Choose the XFasten brand?

We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards that are accredited by ISO 9001. Our customer service team will accommodate you at any time of the day on your inquiries. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.