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How to Use XFasten Retractable Measuring Tape

retractable measuring tape


  1. Unlock the retractable measuring tape. Before you begin, make sure the measuring tape is securely locked. Most retractable measuring tapes have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental retractions.
  2. Extend the retracting tape measure. To extend the tape, simply press the release button or unlock lever. Hold the tape measure by the handle and gently pull it out to your desired length.
  3. Take measurements. Place the hooked end of the tape against the starting point of your measurement. It is important to keep the retractable tape measure sewing straight for accurate readings.
  4. Lock in place. Once the tape is extended to the length you need, lock it in place using the locking mechanism. This will prevent the tape from retracting while you record the measurement.
  5. Read the measurement. Check the measurement on the marked increments of the retractable tape measure. Most measuring tapes have both inches and centimeters units for versatility, so you can choose what works best for you.
  6. Retract the tape measure. When you’re done, retract the measuring tape by pressing the rewind button or activating the retracting mechanism. Remember to hold onto the tape as it retracts to avoid any sudden movements.
  7. Securely lock after use. After using the measuring tape, lock it securely to prevent any accidental extensions. This will keep it in good condition for future use.
  8. Store properly. Store your tape measure in a dry cool place to prevent damage. Extreme temperatures and moisture can affect the mechanism and prints, so be mindful where you keep it.
  9. Maintain and clean. Remember to regularly clean the tape measure to remove any dirt or debris.
  10. Caution. Be cautious when retracting the tape measure to avoid any injuries. Keep your fingers clear of the tape path during retraction.

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