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How to Use XFasten T-Shirt Ruler Guide

t shirt ruler guide


  1. Prepare your work area. Choose a clean and flat surface for your work and lay the tshirt out smoothly to ensure no wrinkles.
  2. Place the ruler guide on the shirt. Identify the size of the tshirt you are working with. Lay the ruler on the shirt in the desired position. Make sure that it is straight and aligned with the center or any specific reference point on the shirt.
  3. Double-check alignment. Make certain to check and recheck the alignment of your markings and design on the shirt. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that everything is positioned correctly before marking.
  4. Marking with a fabric marker or chalk. Use a fabric marker or chalk to make your markings on the shirt. Be precise and see to it that the markings are visible enough for your project.

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